Abortion. When "pro-life" are going to kill

george tiller Avortement. Quand des « pro life » vont jusquà tuer

The American pro-life lobby is such a staunch supporter of life that can be put to kill for his ideas. This is what happened in Kansas (USA) last week. George Tiller (the photo) died in the third attack on him. On his way to Mass, he was executed in cold blood in front of a dozen people. The alleged murderer then fled before being caught by the police.

This is not the first time that has doctors carrying out abortions (ie George Tiller agreed to carry out abortions beyond the legal limits étatsusiennes ie 20 weeks for reasons related to the dangers to their health or major fetal malformations) are the subject of violence against them. Dr. Tiller never went out without a bulletproof vest. According WSBS , "following the murder of Dr. Tiller, Randall Terry, founder of the anti-abortion group Operation Rescue (Operation Rescue) described the doctor as a" serial killer "and said," He reaped what he had sown ". He said the memory that would remain would be that Tiller "one of the culprits of the story." Atmosphere. If such acts by fanatics of the pro-life movement are isolated, they are firmly condemned by the official spokesmen of the Pro-Life movement , they demonstrate that the issue of abortion rights remains relevant to the States UNite.

Roe vs Wade, the revolution

It goes far beyond the classic American divisions between Democrats and Republicans, to be a real social issue that divides the American public. This is not the least of the pitfalls that await Barack Obama during his term. The US president comes to reauthorize funding from the US state of organizations promoting abortion abroad to the chagrin of a fringe of religious electorate, Catholic and Protestant, which represents over a third of American voters.

Since the decision Roe vs. Wad e in 1973 authorizing the voluntary termination of pregnancy throughout the US. Norma McCorvey, aka Jane Roe, the woman who is the source of the request later became a fierce opponent of abortion. Two years later, France will do the same. This judgment of the Supreme Court opens the way for the legalization of abortion in which the course is full of pitfalls. We find the same opposition in the debate about the end of life, including in the Terri Schiavo case is an example. If abortion raises the question of the status of the fetus or embryo, from which life begins, etc., do not forget the distress and suffering of women whose only means of abortion have long been the knitting needle, a razor blade or falling down the stairs, with potential health consequences that one can imagine.

avortement carte wiki Avortement. Quand des « pro life » vont jusquà tuer

Map legend:

Blue. Legal. Green. Legal under certain conditions (rape, danger to the mother ...). Brown. Legal for) or (illegal except for) rape, vital risks, defects or mental illness. Orange. Illegal, with exceptions for rape, vital risks, mental illness. Reddish. Illegal, with exceptions for vital or mental illness risks. Bright blue. Illegal.
Source: Wikipedia

An election issue in the United States

The pro-life lobby is a formidable power. He knows how to mobilize his supporters in the public debate around the clinics that perform abortions to on the internet playing the card of the guilt of the women concerned. During the last US presidential election, John McCain, pretty open on this issue, was forced to choose Sarah Palin, opposed to abortion, to win back the right wing of the electorate that threatened to abandon it. Without success. But in some southern states, can not get elected by being openly pro-abortion. He does not hesitate also to use shocking images (below) to support his thesis. Who is not moved (or disgusted) by the blackened body.

abortion2ndtrimester Avortement. Quand des « pro life » vont jusquà tuer

The counterpart of the pro-life lobby is the pro-choice lobby as it is called Americans. The main organizations are family planning and Naral , an organization that has made ​​no secret of his fondness for Obama in the US presidential election. It also shows in its balance sheet "since 2006, NARAL Pro-Choice America Helped elect 44 new pro-choice members of the House, eight new Senators pro-choice, and pro-choice President Barack Obama. " It helps politicians mobilizing its members and organizing advertising campaigns against-marketing.

The American public turns

gallup sondage ibg usa 300x180 Avortement. Quand des « pro life » vont jusquà tuer A Gallup poll (graphic) dated May 2009 shows that the question "Would you rather consider yourself pro-life or pro-choice", US meet 51% pro-life and 42% pro-choice. And for the first time since the survey exists. This is the Protestants that reflect their greater certainty in this regard. A majority of women also expressed pro-life. The evolution is particularly noticeable in men since the pro-choice were down 10% and become the minority.

This evolution of the American public demonstrates the great difficulty in calmly deal with this side of the Atlantic. The murder of Tiller may come to awaken a few consciences.

In gift Bonux an excerpt from the film "If the walls spoke," dedicated to the history of the women who mobilized, risking their lives to abortion in the United States.

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  1. Blogvital said:

    Whatever one thinks of abortion, the assassination is never very elegant, nor sustainable.
    Note, however, that the current state of things, there is no link between the Asassin Tiller, and Prolife environments.
    Let shortcuts on topics snesibles for women.

  2. admin said:

    Good evening blogvital,
    Scott Roeder, the alleged murderer of Dr. Tiller, would certainly have acted alone, in the words of the police. Nevertheless his sympathies with the pro-life movement in the United States cast doubt. Many leaders of these movements have condemned the violent act but not all as shown here: http://armyofgod.com/ . Since the late 70's, 25 doctors performing abortions suffered assassinations and assassination attempts.


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