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Anti-bullfighting demonstration in 2007 in Madrid

Summer is the season of melons, peaches and cherries but also of the Bullfight. Across France, and also in Spain, Portugal and South America, large fairs are held, gathering of aficionados of bullfighting. Ferment of identity for some, abominable animal torture for others, bullfighting unleashes passions. We find here the arguments of the anti-bullfighting , and here the arguments of supporters of bullfights.

A sword thrust in the water ...

In their book, Members under the influence, Helena and Vincent Constanty Nouzille, recall the last parliamentary battle dated to the Assembly. "In 2004, to everyone's surprise, Muriel Marland-Militello is part of a crusade against bullfights. "I have always been revolted by mutilation and torture of bulls. I vowed to end it. Both feet if I hit my political friends. " End quote. The bill, therefore, to ban bullfights and cockfights, was co-signed by 49 MPs from all sides as the hon. It was 2004 and the bill became 228 in 1652 has still not been placed on the agenda. Why?

Because the subject is sensitive. Sensitive to animal advocates and sensitive for the supporters of bullfighting as a tool of cultural expression. In a case like this where the opposing forces are substantially equal power in both mobilization, the advantage is the status quo, so in the case in the absence of change.

For that nothing changes on the issue of the bullfight, one can count on members of the South of France. In the list presented by Muriel Marland-Militello MPs who support it, mostly from the north of the Loire and none of the departments concerned primarily by a possible ban. "The lobby bullfighting cities", Nimes and Arles in mind, among the hundred towns that host bullfights , has mobilized its networks so that the subject does not come to the agenda. Thus f ederation bullfighting companies France or the Union of bullfighting cities of France, more than 60 member cities, provide significant weight against the activism of antis. For the pro-bullfighting suffer some disappointments for several years. The French public does not like this show, even if the organizers of these festivals announce two million visitors, and prefer to Intercities bulls to the bull put to death in two or three blood spurts. Canal Plus that has long helped popularize the bullfight has long ceased its broadcasts. And Andre Viard, on its website taurine Lands s, saying:

"In return for which, always and never in response initiative, the bullfighting world has, until Appeal Samadet , allowed gradual nibbling his ground, convinced that if the urgency demanded it can rise up en masse and cope. Unfortunately times have changed, not Millies-Lacroix wants, and I'm afraid that first shot the most bullfighting elected, with few exceptions, prefer to adopt a politically correct position rather than putting involved, such as their glorious dacquois elder, their scarves, their seats and prestige, by resigning in protest against a decree banning bullfights. To think otherwise is to commit a serious error of assessment and endanger the fragile balance which is based on the hypothetical strike force that would be the big battalions of aficion ".

The author of these lines is a former matador. Also president of the Observatory of Bullfighting Cultures set up in 2008.

To win the game, anti-bullfighting looking to hit the portfolio by attempting to influence MEPs. The European Union, under the common agricultural policy (CAP), in fact pays subsidies to bull breeders. For Europe the issue is animal suffering, rather than whether or not this practice meets a tradition, ancestral or not.


Viva Espana

Anti-bullfights are mobilizing around the anti-bullfighting alliance which says gather 19,000 members and supporters with a nice bunch of stars: Bishop Jacques Gaillot, composer Eric Serra, the singer Renaud, who has lent his voice to the spot it --Bra.


For its part, the FLAC (Struggles Federation for the Abolition of Bullfights) seeks to mobilize its networks with Sea Shepherd, we were talking here in an article on radical ecology.

In Spain, things seem to be accelerating. 70 cities are now abolitionist , including 20 since the beginning of the year, committing to no longer host bullfights on their soil. In France, 11,112 people in 14 July 2009, signed the petition to support the bill Muriel Marland-Militello and prohibit access to arenas for children under 15 years.

Last episode to date, the controversy around the book, Bullfight Basta Christian Laborde, who is an opportunity for the debaters here Laborde and Casas , show the full extent of their literary culture.

Gift bonus. My hen and rooster?

By focusing on the bullfight, you almost forget the cockfights. They are still allowed in France gallodromes in the North of France, the West Indies, Reunion, and in a dozen other countries in the world. The reason for this authorization is that the cockfight is an unbroken tradition.


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  1. Margarida says:

    Remarkable article here after nothing more to add, except that we must mobilize more against the cursed bullfights, hoping that they will be banned sooner rather than later, and no matter what argument will prevail to justify their ban .
    Do not forget to sign the petition asking the President of the Languedoc Roussillon Region, to ban bullfighting in most regions taurine.
    See here http://www.lapetition.be/en-ligne/abolition-de-la-corrida-4354.html
    The petition, published May 16, has collected no fewer than 2,416 signatures and in 2 months!


    DVD available on the store of http://www.L214.com or http://www.anticorrida.com


    LEARNING TO KILL - Film anti-bullfighting Pablo KNUDSEN, shot during the summers 2006 and 2007 in the south of France. This short enough to reflect a horror show which is attended by children of all ages in the arenas.

    Young teens are hands on and bulls are are introduced to the practice of bullfighting in the French bullfighting schools, mostly subsidized by public funds.

    Beyond the need to prohibit the access of minors as arenas in Catalonia, the film shows with strength the atrocity of the bullfight (torture and playful killing of a sentient being in public) and urgency to achieve its complete abolition.

    Also director of the documentary "Zoos, hell the decor."

  3. [...] An article on this blog last summer spoke of frontal opposition between different parts pro and anti-bullfighting in France. With the Catalan vote, confrontation revives. For now the trend is favorable the ban. As often it is the antis arriving to better make their voices heard. This does not mean that they will achieve their end. The conservatism of strength comes precisely from its historical precedence, moral or not. Nevertheless, the pro-bullfighting feel the wind pass the ball. Consequently, they are on the frontlines to defend the idea that the Catalan vote is unique to Spain and that the French situation is different. Simon Casas, former torrero and bullfights organizer, told France Info, and can be heard here, believes that this is "a matter between the autonomist politician Catalan and Spanish central government" refusing to consider it evokes the question "the legitimacy of bullfighting in Spain," preferring to argue that "the legitimacy of the law is challenged" and defend the cultural exception, "even art" of bullfighting in southern France. [...]

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