Abolition of the Corrida: the France she take the bull by the horns?

 Abolition de la Corrida : la France prendra t elle le taureau par les cornes ?

Spain, Catalonia has decided to ban bullfighting on its territory. The news caused a sensation in the summer torpor, just broken by the discovery of buried babies and twists business Bettencourt-Wisenberg. And France, the debate on banning bullfighting he advance?

Cultural exception or exception culture?

An article on this blog last summer r evoked frontal oppositions between different parts pro and anti-bullfighting in France. With the Catalan vote, confrontation revives. For now the trend is favorable ban. As it is often the antis who come to make their voices heard. This does not mean that they will achieve their end. The strength of conservatism comes precisely from its historical precedence, moral or not.

0 Abolition de la Corrida : la France prendra t elle le taureau par les cornes ?
Nevertheless, the pro-bullfighting feel the wind pass the ball. Consequently, they are on the frontlines to defend the idea that the Catalan vote is unique to Spain and the French situation is different. Simon Casas, a former bullfighter bullfighting and organizer, told France Info, and you can listen here believes this is "a politician affair between Catalan and Spanish central autonomy is" refusing to consider it evokes the question "the legitimacy of bullfighting in Spain," preferring to argue that "the legitimacy of the law is questioned" and defend the cultural exception "even art" of bullfighting in southern France.

About one who gets more or less the same arguments as the statement Samadet in 2007, where pro-bullfighting questioned as follows:. "The death of the bull which accompanies the history of humanity for millennia would it become taboo to the point that it is a priority for modern democracies? But what then of violent deaths and misery of thousands of people complacently shown daily on our television screens? ".

0 Abolition de la Corrida : la France prendra t elle le taureau par les cornes ?

Equally taken by the bullfighting lobby cities UNICEF calls to the rescue humanistic principles in a statement released on July 29 : "Remember that a convention of UNESCO enshrines the principle of respect for diversity and freedom in all areas of heritage and culture, asking only constraint compliance with the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. "

In this war of communication, everything is good to take, including humanitarian, as was the case at the time of the Ascension, for a bullfight organized for Haitians.

Bullfighting to rescue Haiti (Nîmes) - Le Figaro
More on http://wizdeo.com/s/telemiroir - taurine Day organized charitable arenas of Nîmes for victims of the earthquake in Haiti.

Led by Muriel Marland-Militello a (UMP) and Geneviève Gaillard (PS), a group of MPs seek to shed light on money bullfighting without achieving its purpose of creating a parliamentary commission on the issue for the hour.

The petition calling for a ban on bullfighting in France has 68,898 signatures on July 29, 2010. During my previous article on the subject, 11.112 signed. Which leaves believe in a development of this movement that the Catalan initiative can only encourage. A survey commissioned by the anti-bullfighting alliance in the Gard department wants to respect this eloquent. 2/3 of Gard surveyed say "adverse bullfights with spades, banderilles and killing of bulls."

Large cocks forgotten

Muriel Marland Militello therefore insists that its Group President, Jean-Francois Cope make up his bill on 13 July in the agenda of the Assembly, "to finally screed parliamentary lead is broken! To finally parliamentarians to debate this issue, just as do the members of the other side of the Pyrenees! ".

Bullfights are not the only shows where the animals die desired by men way. Thus, cockfighting is legal in our country, in the north of France and in some overseas territories, and are subject to financial paris, maybe a little less legal. Few in émeuvent.

0 Abolition de la Corrida : la France prendra t elle le taureau par les cornes ?

Note: this article World returns well on the issue of bullfighting in France

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