School timetables. The tourism lobbies did not play truant

School timetables affect the Ministers of Education as an itch. Each new minister's proposals, its reform on a topic whose social, economic and educational are considerable. For children certainly for teachers of course, for parents certainly for the economic world without question.

If children are struggling to make their voices heard, except in playgrounds, parents and economic agents are lobbyists outstanding. Thus, representatives of parents were able to convince Xavier Darcos when he was Minister of Education of the removal of the school on Saturday morning for basic reasons: to enjoy a full weekend the school and willing discharge time spent monitoring duties of their offspring while incriminating the role of teachers in the possible failure of their toddlers.

Thus the conference on the school rhythms s organized by Luc Chatel, who receives a preliminary report on the issue this Tuesday, January 25, saw a parade of various contributions that honor democracies but also allow pride to influencers of all kinds which wishes are strangely very far from the central issue of the rhythms appropriate to the life and teaching the children. A report by MEP UMP Xavier Breton and returns on the need to tackle the issue of school timetables.

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As for economic agents, it is the tourism professionals who act in the corridors of parliament and ministries to enforce their interests.

At the head of the ski lobby, Gilles Chabert. Le Monde, which the name is Guy in the article, devoted a section to its strategy. It read: "the does with much more talent was spotted and he comes at ENA to inculcate future elites of the nation the secret art of lobbying. No wonder it has won a hearing before the Committee rhythms. And that record, he knows. It is he who already in 1989 had worked so that one passes three-zone school holidays. Again, his hearing was very clear. He announced without preamble and without further ado that it would not compromise on the four-week winter break. That is to say, on the total staggering of holidays called the three ski areas ". Great success for the lobby of the winter snow and a star, his heart love for Chabert which, according to this article of Dauphine, it is closer to the right, also knew to go "at the Hotel de Lassay with honeypots and sausages for Raymond Forni, socialist president of the National Assembly (2000-2002). "

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The lobby was currently negotiating him that if reform on the duration of the summer school holidays, there is a spreading of holiday departures on July and August starting with two waves. This seems almost a given and arranges the sector tenants in order to relieve some of the most requested areas.

And not to mention the impact that change has on carriers of tourists or sporting and cultural associations in the development of activities they offer to students outside of class time.

By May, the decisions should be announced for implementation in the 2014-2015 school year. Lobbyists tourism will then take a well deserved vacation.

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