USA. The mustachioed lobby does not want to shave gratis

Well, the pun of the title is not very good, but the merits of the case scares. According FoxNexs a mustache across the Atlantic lobby wishes to benefit from special tax treatment.

The reason for the lifting of mustaches: the feeling of not being represented by US lawmakers.

The mustachioed, life Mustaches The American Institute (AMI) does not cut hairs, they just appoint a lobbying firm to assert their rights to a particular treatment as well as other interest groups are drinking parliamentarians US proposals for amendments even wacky.

"Putting money Where ict icts mouth is, AMI is schedule year April 1 million mustache march from the Capitol to the White House. Adding a sweetener to Enhance participation It has aussi Recruited H & R Block to make donations to Millions From One, qui Provides clean drinking water to Those in Need, for every individual Who Participates in Either AMI's Facebook campaign or the market itself ", says the site Internet chain.

They consider being mustaches result in additional annual expenditure of 1000-1500 dollars and require that these expenditures are eligible for a tax credit of $ 250 per year since it provides "additional beauty that benefits 38% to all " . On the blog of the mustachioed lobby, one can thus read the association welcomes the lifting of discriminatory measures against mustached at Walt Disney, fruit, says AMI, their intense lobbying.

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As the event to which they are calling for will be held on April 1 in Washington, it was not until that day to see if the case is serious or if it is a joke mustache ... forgiveness schoolboy.

But mustaches were already in the breach as in 2010 on this video.

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Note that in France, where the mustache takes the bull by the beast, no presidential candidate is carrying mustache.

If, here mustaches to cut.

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