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We know the presidential elections are an opportunity to strategic changes in the running of a State. Promises for some time, requests for others. Lobbies and presidential could be the theme of an upcoming broadcast of the show "political Com'en" on CPAC for which I was asked my opinion. As is often the case when working on a particular theme, the brain turns on, it is not at a standstill if not, it automatically locates a bit like a computer working in the background , elements on one of the wake-themes. It was not necessary to go far to find food to my point.

The content of the advertising pages of the edition of the newspaper Le Monde on Wednesday, March 14, 2012 was the example.

In this edition of the newspaper of reference, no less than four advertisements for different organizations.

Here are illustrations.

The first for the National Network of Departmental Destination.

This organization that brings together departmental tourist organizations want, depending on their context, show that tourism is a local and national issue for the country. After a reminder of the weight of this sector in the economy, 85 million foreign customers, 1.8 million jobs, 6.6% of GDP .... The organization calls for the establishment of a High Council Terrtitoires of the restoration of the Ministry of Tourism ...

Thus, organizations funded by taxes, those raised by the General Councils are used to finance in part of efforts to convince the government to hear their demands.

The second comes from the animal cause for great national march for animals held in Nimes, mecca of bullfighting, which is probably no coincidence, March 24 "to 14 hours outside the station."

The third SIRTI comes from the union of independent radio stations requesting that terrestrial digital radio is not reserved only to large media groups and denounces the future potential monopoly.

Finally, the fourth World Doctors After about the French health system with a provocative question "the best health system in the world?" And replied: "¼ of people who consult us seek treatment too late" and a statement "there are policies that make patients". We applaud the pun.

Why so much pressure and mobilization for these organizations?

Several reasons for this.

- The context of the presidential election in France when considering the future president as a providential man, able to separate a two-Sea, solve the world's problems and incidentally those of French.

- A competition increasingly exacerbated between interest groups. In lean times, it goes without saying that decisions, including fiscal and public priorities, will be taken. Some will be at the expense of industries which by offensive or defensive actions seek to show their existence.

- Finally, because behind the presidential election looming parliamentary elections. Members who will be elected in June are the ones who vote on laws, amendments, put in front of the stage some thematic rather than others through highly charged parliamentary year where all possible laws do not have time considering. The stakes are high for these pressure groups.

What ROI?

ROI: Return on Investment or ROI. What good is spending money in advertising?

According to the rates of daily life, the one on page 5, for tourism, cost, price catalog 2011, 138.000 euros.

When you invest that kind of money, we necessarily expected benefits.

The first may be that of changing the attitude of the candidates to her. It may also have an internal target within the issuing organization, pointing to funders members or partners of the reality of his actions.

These campaigns also seek public opinion, here the audience of the world, to raise awareness with regard to these themes, here tourism, animals, RNT, and exclusion from the world of health, which are the dominant themes of this election campaign.

Time will tell whether the investment of these lobbies has been effective.

Mikaël Cabon

NB. It is interesting to note that one of the leaders of the World Water Forum lambasted the lack of candidates for this event held in Marseilles this week and also deplored the absence of the theme of water in the countryside .

In parallel, the meeting of the French Association of Private Companies (AFEP) invited Hollande, Nicolas Sarkozy and Bayrou to speak before the big bosses on the axes of their economic program on Tuesday in Paris.

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