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"Yesterday I was 20". It has been 16 winters I entonnais the Charles Aznavour song out of the University of Western Brittany where I was pursuing my Master's studies in economics to catch up to the IAE in Rennes Dess Marketing. Out of curiosity, itching of writing, I became a journalist. Today, I work for the business daily La Tribune (which I am one of the corresponding region) and very regularly to the monthly Enterprise . In parallel, I teach social studies, marketing and general culture in an institute of preparation for Brest. I have committed a crime novel, with Arnaud Morvan, in 2000, "Hangman of Brest", which proved a great public success. And I'm about to recur between two stories to my daughters. I created this blog to transmett Image siteaccu À propos re both knowledge and opinions, are the basis of each other. "The past is only a preamble," wrote Ernest Renan. Either. Let us open more life then the pages.

Contact me if necessary, my email address: mcabon@gmail.com

- On Twitter: www.twitter.com/LOBBYCRATIE

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- Skype: mikael.cabon

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