Why this site?

Circles of Influence, lobbies, are increasingly present in our societies. This blog seeks to decipher the strategies of these networks and explain their mode of operation. How? and Why? are the two essential questions that wants to tackle this blog.

It is not intended to denounce these practices but to analyze, explain them, put them in perspective. This may involve criticism based on facts, tangible sourçables.

This analysis of the company and its news through the prism of lobbies and circles of influence is neither pro nor anti, even if no one can ignore his own subjectivity. You decide.

If you want to contribute comments or articles on this site, do not hesitate to contact with me. No item on this site is sponsored and advertising is not present, by choice. If you wish to contribute to the field of purchasing and cost of web space you can make your donation to this page via PayPal.

According to Google Analytics, the site carries an average of 2,400 unique visitors and just over 7,600 page views per month (Source: April 2010)

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