They combine our MEPs?

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The mucul of pandats. No, multiple directorships. Nothing to see. Unlike the pandas, dippers, the cumulistes, are not endangered. Nothing prohibits or so little .

The cumulonimbus cloud is not a cloud

Benoît Hamon (PS) is regrettable. He who says on Twitter he had not had a good Sunday also just lost his remuneration. It could thus, if confirmed in practice what he had said during the campaign, turning to the private as he had done before MEP in the last legislature. Fall is often rude to non-elected, and especially the non-reelected. The best protection against these avatars of democracy is the plurality of mandates. This is the meaning of this article to try to see more clearly from the elected MEPs contingent in France Sunday, June 7 In my view, the cumulonimbus it No creep accumulation , darker representation. The question is not here to speak accumulated income (which is anyway a maximum), an interesting topic , but compared to the Annex of the effectiveness of our elected officials. To optimize the data collection work, I am also interested in the age and sex of MEPs. The set of tables is available here in Excel format or here in pdf format.

The parliament buissonnier

French MEPs are not considered particularly present in the European Parliament. These are not the only ones. In their defense, they often indicate that the MEP job is not just to sit in the sessions. Either. But it does not is to dry sessions. No investigative accounting method can not fully satisfy the quality criteria of the presence of an MEP. Still, the results are altogether edifying as can be read here .

The idea of ​​this article is to see if the dual mandate can be a barrier to the exercise of its function MEP. It is also to show if there are differences between different political movements from the point of view of the submission of their candidates. If I have my own political ideas (my convictions lead me to the center), I went facts to draw a post hoc analysis. If errors appear in the tables, thank you indicate. Similarly if you think your statement can be relevant to be shared with the readers of this article. I invite you to do so directly to my email address or via the comments below this post.


reparition1 Nos eurodéputés cumulent ils ?

Gender distribution.

While perfect equality is sought to validate the filing of his list, no special requirement is then to political parties to present as many women as men in the list. Moreover it is the voters who choose to whom bring their voice. The results are therefore to be considered with these parameters in mind. Nevertheless. There 4 French MEPs from more than MEPs. 52.8% against 47.2%. Both parties send Brussels more women than men: Modem (66%) and the Greens (57%). Among the "major parties", the PS is the worst student in the class with only 42% of MEPs.

Age distribution.

The average age of French MEP is 53 years and 7 months. It is consistent with the average age of the French deputy.

The average age of the MEP sortan t was 58 years. This is the average age qu'auront our new MEPs in 2014 (as a parliamentarian or not they will take one more year each year until the end of their mandate). No rejuvenating the French Euro-political class. The situation is different in different movements. If Jean-Marie Le Pen, octogenarian, raises the average of his party, other political movements are consistent with the overall average except Ecologists with just under 50 average age. The youngest being Damien Abad (UMP-NC) and its 29 years. We should push a little further the question, but one can question the influence that age can have on the political reflections when one is elected fifties and one is elected by fifties, or even more, given the youth rate of abstention in these elections.

Multiple directorships.

37 French MEPs MEP combine their function with another term, or 51% of dippers. Sometimes with the simple function of councilor "for local anchoring", sometimes with important executive functions (President of the General Council, vice president of local authorities ...).

The only movement to be within half cumulard is the environmental movement with 14%, two of its 14 MEPs combine their mandate with other functions. They are both in the southeastern district.

Among the government parties, the UMP is leading with 2/3 of its MEPs who accumulate, followed by PS 57%.

For environmentalists, the reason lies in the recency of their organization, interests and environmentalists federation figures, so the youth policy of their candidates. But also a line of thought that denies the idea of accumulation, "stop the mandates of consumerism", the no-show of the outgoing MEP Onesta , recognized by his peers for his European parliamentary work is the example.

It is the opposite for the UMP and the PS who preferred due?, have local figures , to be loaded locomotives in the list. This also gives MEPs that we already imagine the time and calendar jobs overloaded. Time will tell if these Stakhanovists representation have time to lay the relationships inherent in their duties. Among the outgoing MEPs is Philippe Morillon (UDF) which was hardest-working relationships with 22 parliamentarians to his credit.

Survey methodology.

I took the results of the European elections on Sunday, April 7 on the eight French constituencies.

Assignment. The elect are allocated to parties or movements that led the campaign. So we will not see the figure recorded in the New Center UMP label, same for environmentalists including many elected representatives are not members of the Greens or the Left Front which no distinction is made according to their membership or not the party of Jean-Luc Mélenchon or the French Communist Party.

Age. Age is recognized based on the year of the election within the year of birth. Or for example for a person born in 1973, from 2009 to 1973 = 36 years. Even if that person was born after June 7 And this for practical reasons to avoid having to search the precise date of birth, without the Chinese astrological sign or ascendant or the positions of the moon at the time of birth.

Mandate. Walking through the biographies of the candidates, were recognized the mandates they hold in the day of the election. These mandates are classified as executive mandate is when the elected Parliament, mayor, deputy mayor, vice chairman of the General Council, Regional Council of Urban Community. I do not plan important functions within a political party or dependent auxiliary functions of their office mater (Example: Chairman of the Board of Directors of a hospital for a big city mayor). The other offices, Councillor type are not classified executive mandate. The case is different for Paris where counselors Paris councilors are also due to the dual status of this community.


I considered Michel Barnier and Rachida Dati Brice Hortefeux, ministers at the relevant time, or have resigned their office of Minister (Michel Barnier and Rachida Dati in the next redesign) or their MEP function ( Brice Hortefeux ) . In the latter case, I took the person who was following in the order listed. For Jean-François Kahn, he had said during the campaign that he would resign from his post if the list was not elected two. Duly noted. It also remains to be seen what will be Jean-Luc Mélenchon, a senator and MEP, two incompatible functions according to law.

In the weeks and months ahead, the elected will eventually resign from their MEP mandate or some of their local functions or otherwise acquire others, mainly because of regional and local elections of 2010, or the opportunity for local elections. The tables provided shall be adjusted accordingly.

Two new elected will represent France if the Lisbon Treaty enters into force. Indeed, France would count 74 seats in the European parliament, in this Treaty and the recent elections have provided 72. The choice should return to French parliament to decide the identity of two additional representatives should not upset the political balance or, nor the balance in terms of gender distribution, age and accumulated.

It would be good to look at these results against the previous term and compare them with those of our neighbors to determine specific trends in the French representation. Concerning the French parliament, a survey of the New York Times showed that 85% of French parliamentarians were accumulating their duties with another elective office against 20% for comparable democracies such as Italy, Germany and Britain. From there to explain absenteeism Parliamentary ...

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