Compensation Henri Proglio embarrasses state

(Shift. 20/01/2010 A news announcement Henri Proglio gives up his double dipping.
It therefore does not affect salary from Veolia). By being offered the presidency of EDF, Henri Proglio makes a wish: do not lose money in the process. At the head of Veolia, he earned 1.6 million euros per year (2008 figure). At the head of EDF, he wants as much. Problem, the predecessor Henri Proglio EDF , Pierre Gadonneix, émargeait to just over 1.1 million euros per year. The compensation of the President of the French energy company is very symbolic. Number of employees remained officials and the company is the symbol of a certain success of French capitalism: a big dose crossbred state of technical and honorable performance in almost serene social climate. So much for the table. This could soon change. Veolia just fix the remuneration of the Chairman of the Board, Henry Prolio I, 450.000 euros. EDF should act around 1.6 million, even if it is not won for Proglio II.

Incidentally, Proglio will therefore earn 400,000 euros more (in the present state of things), an increase of 25%. We guess it will give ideas to EDF unions for their wage negotiations.

Compared to his other colleagues, this remuneration is in the standards of those of French leaders and the man was able to show his qualities as a manager in the past. It nevertheless raises questions:

- After saying the opposite, with the voice of Christine Lagarde in the Senate, "There is no question of overlapping pay. Mr. Proglio not receive a ... " read this epic passage of Senate hearing (this is toward the end), where even on the benches of the majority, critics are palpable, now the de facto government endorses the free ride.

- Where employees do not have the right to combine two jobs beyond a certain number of hours per week, you can finally be the leader of the two largest French companies without problem.

- Nothing is said about the potential conflicts of interest that may exist in the performance of these functions and how to arbitrate if necessary.

- It raises the issue of executive compensation. Laurence Parisot says it will look at whether such compensation is consistent with the ethical code of the MEDEF.

- It is advised to request it directly Proglio IV, the Board of Directors of CNP Assurances and Chairman of the Compensation Committee, therefore responsible for evaluating executive pay, so including Edmond Alphandéry President CNP Assurances, a former economy minister and former chairman of EDF, but also on the Board of Directors e Suez, Calyon and company.

- Or Proglio V, chairman of the governing board of HEC.

These multiple hats, which are not those of his twin brother, Rene, demonstrates a Proglio overflowing with energy, and it takes the head of EDF. Nevertheless, the case, if it interests the public, comes at a bad time for EDF and the French nuclear industry in general.

Hope for Henry V that the text of the song The Strokes which illustrate EDF advertising is not prescient.

"He want it easy, he want it relaxed
Said, "I can do a lot of things, I can aim not Do That"
He wants a two-steps forward and three steps back, It Will not Be Easy "

0 La rémunération d’Henri Proglio embarrasse l’Etat

Indeed, in recent weeks:

- Delays are announced on the site of the Flamanville EPR built by EDF

- Delays are confirmed on the Areva EPR project in Finland

- A big contract with Abu Dhabi, 20-30 billion was lost to the South Koreans, mainly because of a French offer and atomized in which EDF has he seems not the forcing to help Areva.

- The treatment of waste from French nuclear power plants owned by EDF is no longer given, since 1 January 2010, Areva, due to a contract problem of outsourcing, reflecting in fact a mistrust between the two companies. The leaders of these companies, Anne Lauvergeon and Proglio, will be received by François Fillon emergency grant for their violin s.

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