Food. Salty article for the sugar lobby

In its latest edition, the American monthly Nature published the results of a study by three scientists on the health risks of a diet too sweet.

The authors show that eating too much sugar is dangerous for health. 35 million people would die each year in the world of sugar-related illnesses: diabetes, obesity, cardiovascular disease. The world is back in its editorial on this issue: "fructose consumption, and provided with every wind, has as many dangers as alcohol or tobacco. Clearly, it is deadly. And the fight against this poison no longer falls prevention campaigns simple: it calls for an outright ban politics "and the newspaper to request the authorities" to go further ". The same request as ANIA, the National Association of food industry, to go further, but not in the same direction.


On the occasion of the presidential elections, the lobby of the agrolimentaire recalls in accompanying text (Ania Letter to presidential candidates) to a questionnaire () sent to candidates, the weight of agrolimentaire sector "[for] the issues that concern our 10,000 companies, their 477,000 collaborators but also the 65 million consumers in France ". And for candidates who would not have understood the call of the foot, the president of the Association states: "The responses will then be forwarded to members of the ANIA, and used to initiate a public discussion. In particular, a dedicated web page will be available to follow closely the statements, d'entreprises visits and discussions initiated by the candidates on these issues. "

In December the association rebelled against the increase in VAT to 7%. "A salad with covered or seasoning, is taxed at 7% on the ground that can be consumed immediately, while a salad without cover, would not fall within the same case. A briquette fruit juice with straw would be taxed at 7% while without the straw, it would be taxed at 5.5% ... ". ANIA pointing out the ludicrous nature of that increase, valid for certain consumer situations and not others. But regardonds the examples from the press ANIA: a salad and a fruit juice with straw, not a hamburger dripping with ketchup and a coke, not a salad and a fruit juice with straw.

Ditto on studies on dangerosit é of aspartame.


With sugar we have a good time on the couch watching television. Industrial sugar interesting finance advertising campaigns to more than one. Like this one, dated 90s, "I was there", directed by Jean-Paul Gove.

YouTube Preview Image

Earlier in 1992, with the levers Emir Kusturica.


A decade many productive. In 1997, Etienne Chatiliez realized this clip with a question: "Are you ready to eat anything?"

Or here in Belgium.

Or this one, in 1988.

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Sometimes playing the card of humor with this advertising sugars Daddy.

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To avoid sensitive subjects the sucr industry e knows about it. She is the founder of the Taste Week in France for example. In an article in the Point as of 2004, one could read this: "" There are no elements that suggest that sugar may be questioned in terms of overweight and obesity, "says Claude Risac, CEO of the Centre for Studies and Documentation of sugar (Cedus), the armed wing of the sugar lobby. Prégaliléen a discourse that is breathtaking nutritionists. "

But not all teachers some use in their classrooms, documents (Je_mange_tu_te_regales) published by the Cedus to discuss the links between caries and sugar,

Nevertheless, the sugar remains indispensable to the existence, in moderate quantities. It is also an important marker in the same way as salt, of human history. From an economic perspective, read this document statistics in the field of sugar, or geopolitical, we obviously think of the slave trade, our report says much sugar in our societies. Under lobbying, will be read with great interest the study of Mary Hrabanski Sugar-92-2-Hrabanski on "sugar representation in Brussels: sociohistoire lobbying practices with the European authorities since the beginning of the twentieth century", which recalls that "Despite the changes in the intermediation of the interests of the EU system (1992), the representatives of the sector will continue their strategy of influence, based in particular on the special relationship they have with representatives of the Commission European. This last period underlines the importance of the address book in political processes and is also characterized by a greater use of expertise by the Commission. "

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