Gastronomy influence. Albert Frère. The "other family"

The front

Belgian, Albert Frer e is one of those capitalist tycoons that only the 20th century could have created. Must shareholder of several companies including Total CAC40, M6, Suez, but whose leader is LVMH Bernard Arnault. Albert Frère and Nicolas Sarkozy have known since the 80s, at the time the second was mayor of Neuilly . "The Trends Trends magazine comes to detail the intimate bonds between Brother to Sarkozy. They date back to twenty years ago, when the French president was only the mayor of Neuilly. This had lunch several times in Gerpinnes, next to Charleroi, where Brother home and the headquarters of his holding company CNP. Not surprising when one knows the mania for one to be surrounded by big bosses, like that of other caring relationships with politicians. "Nicolas Sarkozy regularly gathers reviews Albert Frère", already recounted Le Monde in 2001, "says the website .

The after.

With Nicolas Sarkozy, Baron Brother does not win a Grand Cross of the Legion of Honour that the president gave him privately in 2008. Just as it will do for Paul Desmarais Senior that year. The Grand Cross is the highest award of the French Republic, automatically attributed to the presidents of the Republic and who honored 150 people since its inception in 1805. This is not the first time that a foreigner receives before him Haile Selassie, Lech Walesa, Vladimir Putin or Vaclav Havel received it.

It also gains the merger between GDF and Suez which he became vice president. Even on the occasion of the opening of the public energy company capital, the finance minister of the time, Nicolas Sarkozy, swore and vowed that the company would not be privatized. In France and Belgium, two complaints were filed by Jean-Marie Kuhn, a minority shareholder of various companies Albert Frère. "On December 24, 2007, Jean-Marie Kuhn files a complaint in France against X and Albert Frère against" illegal taking of interest "," fraud "and" breach of trust ". The complaint no further action on 15 January 2008. A rare speed, "wrote the news website Eco89 about these complaints concerned the acquisition of participations Albert Frère via its holding companies or companies of which he is the Quick reference shareholder in Eiffage and Caisse des Dépôts et Consignations, the financial arm of the state and that has its major decisions directly to the Elysee .

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