Puncture. A film follows the struggle of a nurse and his lawyer against the US pharmaceutical industry

After Captain America, the American actor Chris Evans changes register with the release of Puncture announced on 23 September. He plays the role of a drug addict lawyer who has to defend the case of a nurse-contaminated syringe in new appearance. The film is supposed to be based on a true story. Jacques Servier made ​​no comment on this :) exit.

Kind of David and Goliath remake, the film plays with the pharmaceutical industry the bad guy, which does not surprise us. This is not the first time that lobbies burn the boards (read this article on the cinema lobbies).

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A film on the Mediator?

Franc, we talk of a film adaptation of combat Irene Frachon the pulmonologist, who in his book "Mediator. 150 mg. How many dead ", published by Editions Dialogues, denounced extensively in the scandal of this medicine and the weight of an unhealthy lobbying in this case.

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