Environment and lobbying on climate. Greenpeace and Volkswagen refuse carpooling

This heater between Greenpeace and Volkswagen. The environmental organization launched in late June a first communication campaign against the lobbying of the German car company to whom it accuses a double discourse: the advertisements that tout the brand's own cars and that held by its lobbyists European parliament would do everything in their power to slow down the legislative obligations of CO2 emissions.

In recent days, activists of Greenpeace penetrate the concessions brand in Europe (mainly in Germany, France and Great Britain) to protest against the Volkswagen strategy. They thus rahibllent certain totems of the German mark their own band as in the photo below.


Greenpeace benefit of the media hullabaloo on the eve of the exhibition of the Frankfurt Auto to support where it hurts. For its part, the automaker made the round back. Not sure this silence serve its own interests.

YouTube Preview Image

YouTube Preview Image

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