The Kamasutra lobbying. A look at ten modern technical influence

Lobbying is a trade. And like all businesses, it has its own jargon describing his techniques, his way of being. Examples often related to communication techniques as the perception management . One can find some in the guide Brussels LobbyPlanet citing some of the techniques which are the subject of specific training, especially during sessions led by Chrissie Kimmons, an experienced lobbyist.

    1. The Trojan horse. Inspired by the legend of the battle between the Greeks and Trojans, the Trojan horse technique involves some form of infiltration. It is valid especially on the Internet. This technique of influence aims to inform internet users. In doing so it may cause them to position themselves on the theme put forward by the influencer. This can also take the form of a structure put in place in the "target" to be informed about the laws of the opponent. Thus, AmCham EU, the American Chamber of Commerce in Brussels , is suspected of acts as a Trojan horse in the EU to defend American interests of the State or its enterprises.

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2. The gunship. Technical radical whose average is the threat of an economic relocation, directly or indirectly, if the legislation in place, or planned, is not questioned. In recent years in France, the relocation threats were legion. And while our country is one of those who benefit most from foreign investment. This is what is happening in France now about the carbon tax about industrial.

3. Gunship. English version of the combat hélicopère.

4. Good cop. - Bad cop In the manner of the American crime series, an interest group stubbornly defends extreme unacceptable position. While his position is considered too obtuse, another interest group related takes a more acceptable position q ui, by contrast, appears to be more moderate. The question is: who does Starsky, Hutch makes?

5. "Kofi Annan". Named after the former UN secretary general, this technique, which can take the form of Trojan Horse, is to propose an agreement between two parties that satisfies no one completely but lets find a solution to the crisis. It assumes a ratio equal forces.

6. The third parties. In a profound disagreement, a third organization comes to the rescue of negotiation to allow a consensus in this threesome. These external organizations may be false nose interest groups. This can also be groups of interest groups, such as the European Chemical Industry Council ( CEFIC ), whose work has been very effective in impeding the REACH directive on chemicals within the EU.

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(In this video at 1'10 ", the interviewee also uses fighting hélicopère)

7. sock puppet or the "Canada Dry" screens or groups. This looks like an independent organization , it takes positions as independent organizations, it reflects as an independent organization. But this is not an independent organization.

8. dentist. This tooth puller technique can first solve the most pressing issue before eventually resort to more surgical strikes. Communication of influence, that may be to highlight a provision judged negatively by public opinion so that a bill will not succeed. Thus, when trading on the prevention of alcohol in France, there was talk of prohibiting alcohol tasting. This would have involved the wine fairs that have flourished in France for several years. Before the mobilization of this economic sector, the apprehension of the measure by the opinion and the difficulty in controlling the possible application of the principle, the provision was amended by the Ministry of Health itself. To consume with moderation.

9. ass. Taking advantage of the strategy of carrot and stick, the donkey highlights the benefits of a parliamentary move in the direction of influencer. In his other hand he holds a stick, risk symbol not to be convinced. When the negative vote of the Senate on the issue of tax exemptions for school organizations including Acadomia, read here, we may think, considering the arguments raised by the senators, in essence, "If we remove the exemption for business support school, one has to remove all home utilities. So how to choose? So it's complicated? So we do nothing. "

10. The think-tank. These focus groups have flourished in the United States where they bring together thinkers from all horizons. Their reports, ideas are widely communication and allow to initiate the debate. In the words of a Hebrew proverb, "the answer is in the question." This technique allows to manage, in part, the media agenda.

Mikaël Cabon

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  1. linotherhino said:

    Nice list, but it might be more correct to credit in your article the person who "invented" a large part of this terminology (and I quote your guide himself): "Among the lobbying consulting agencies, there is the firm Kimmons & Kimmons, led by a former lobbyist of pharmaceutical giant GlaxoSmithKline. During a lobbying training in Brussels, Chrissie Kimmons presented a long list of possible lobbying strategies used by industry according to the circumstances, including: "
    render to Caesar, etc.

  2. Anonymous says:

    It's true. I put his name in the paper, even if all of the terminology was not invented by her.

  3. Erik Wesselius said:

    The Kamasutra list of technical lobbying is a nice example of how ideas grow and morph and how it is quite difficulty for one person to claim ownership.

    Mikael Cabon, the author of this blog , got the inspiration for His ten points lobbying Kamasutra from a shorting, 7 points list in the French translation of Corporate Europe Observatory's "lobby Planet" guide to the Brussels EU quarter (first edition of the English guide : October 2004). We at Corporate Europe Observatory (CEO) got our inspiration from a workshop in 2004, Where pharma lobbyist Chrissie Kimmons presented a short list of lobbying techniques.

    Mikael HAS Greatly Improved our list and It Would be fun to compare His ten points lobbying Kamasutra with Chrissie Kimmons original list of lobbying techniqes. Unfortunately, we do not-have her original list: if CEO HAD not adapté the original list for our planet lobby guide, the WIDER never Would Have Known world about it!

    Since the launch of the "lobby planet guide" in 2004. That idea HAS aussi taken off: There Are now lobby planet guides for Berlin and Paris ; later this year, CEO Will publish a new and expanded lobby Greatly planet guide for Brussels.

    Having used the spoof "planet lobby" name and logo since 2004, We Were surprised to discover en 2008 que la domain HAD beens Was taken and used for lobbying Brussels on a website maintained by That Is Brussels lobbyist telecoms Caroline de Cock , aussi you know linotherhino .

    For me , the main lesson of this story Is That "intellectual property" is a very relative and questionable concept.

  4. said:

    The Kamasutra lobbying. Ten influence of modern techniques ...

    Lobbying is a mtier. And like all mtiers, it has its own jargon dcrivant his techniques, his own way DTRE. Examples often related communication techniques as perception management. One can find some of ...

  5. This list is really interesting. It allows "typologiser" more or less different lobbying strategies, still too often associated with bribes.

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  9. Lobbying said:

    I never tire of reading this article, I also RT this morning (yet). Bravo for your work.

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